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Corporate Counsel

Principal Alicia Matricardi is poised to support a Company’s wide-range of business objectives while minimizing legal risk and legal expense. Relevant experience includes the spearheading, negotiation, drafting and development of a myriad of agreements including business development agreements, technology agreements, trademark licensing agreements, asset purchase agreements, and corporate governance for Companies and their affiliates. This work requires involves a high degree of confidentiality, complexity and savviness. Matricardi Law is experienced in a full range of corporate work from performing preventative law audits to trademark, copyright and contract litigation, transactional document deliverables and due diligence matters. Advice provided to management includes employment law, intellectual property, government regulatory issues and contract matters. The Firm retains the ability to advise on all potential litigation and intellectual property matters.

Public Benefit Corporations

We are social enterprise lawyers for social enterprise businesses. That innovation and integrity in business growth is exactly what should drive our changing economy as we focus on equity and community benefits while earning money for ourselves and our families for generations. 

Matricardi Law is skilled in the creation of California Benefit Corporations, a corporate form for double-bottom lines, or triple-bottom lines (driving profit, people, and places or planet in the work of the company). Let us work with you as a Social Entrepreneur, as we are too, and we can provide the structures and advice helpful to form your primary or subsidiary companies as you grow innovation and profit for your business endeavor. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a form of international private business self-regulation which aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically oriented practices. What about when a business wants to explore these principles and develop a set of governing principles or practices that help to elevate these outcomes, and what are the risks involved?  Have Matricardi Law advise on how you can develop your corporate social responsibility strategy, or, as a practitioner in the field with 20 years of experience in nonprofits and community development, we can also help to advise where donor-advise or corporate philanthropy would be most effective for your business or personal giving goals.