We thank our many clients throughout the years, and celebrate the relationships developed over time with these trusted colleagues.

Among our most valued relationships, here are just a few client examples:

  • Nonprofit economic development organizations dedicated to building affordable housing.
  • Nonprofit family services organizations
  • Privately-held sundry store of over 200 locations
  • Retail leasing for 1,000-30,000 sq. ft. spaces
  • Commercial leasing for playground and school service providers
  • Health clinic leasing for health centers
  • Beauty and Skincare Treatment Centers with professional offices 
  • Bar and Restauranteur planning and development
  • Quick, casual food service restaurants of multiple locations in expansion mode
  • Healthcare consulting companies seeking to contract with hospitals and medical groups
  • Real estate services companies preparing for development
  • Construction companies seeking review of contracts and support on growth opportunities
  • Joint ventures for nonprofit real estate development companies
  • Joint ventures among investors and contractors

“This rainy day is temporary
The contrast is why we got ’em
‘Cause sun shining through is just a cloud away…”
Pharrell Williams, “Just a Cloud Away”