Los Angeles Community Development Attorney

The Audacity to Advocate

Community economic development stands at the forefront of intersectionalities between economic investments, and the impacts that can be made for positive, healthy and equitable community growth strategies. Matricardi Law is experienced in the creation of deals that require an understanding of these natural tensions, equity, and the investments required to bring these deals to fruition. 

With 20+ years of experience in community development, we stand at the ready to provide technical assistance and legal advice as to relevant structures, considerations, and requirements for the development of deals of this size and nature. We bring innovative strategies that transcend traditional thinking to understand the key components of redevelopment plans to achieve triple bottom line success. Join us to understand your path to value enhancement. 

Community revitalization requires a mindfulness towards equity, while working to build places and spaces for people in our built environment + nature in its natural environment, to thrive. Our work can provide jobs, improve infrastructure, avoid displacement by strengthening access and affordable housing options, and help the dollar to circulate in communities underserved for years.