The Audacity to Build

We are experienced affordable housing developers—from working with nonprofits who develop affordable housing to working with for-profit developers who build affordable housing, Matricardi Law has firsthand knowledge of the affordable housing industry and the legal mechanics to enable your projects, whether it be design-build, ground-up construction, rehabilitation, the addition of land use covenants to ensure affordability, or the development of tools to operate a building as affordable in the years to come. 

We provide service and advice to our clients to grow their affordable housing portfolios and development goals, having experienced firsthand dozens, if not hundreds, of iterations of affordable housing deals throughout the State of California. The creation of affordable housing units requires the creativity and understanding of the financing mechanisms, obstacles, and innovation required to support these critical real estate development deals. We stand at the ready to engage in these transactions through their close, lease-up, and operation of these affordable housing deals. 

We provide innovative leadership and legal expertise for housing and development projects utilizing alternative and cutting-edge construction typologies like modular and manufactured housing, and 3D printed housing.