Los Angeles Retail Leasing Attorney

Matricardi Law has experience in lease agreements necessary for Tenants to be able to concentrate on their business development, expansion, and risk-positioning, while Matricardi Law leads on the leasing side. We can seamlessly pick-up on your relationships with your broker, or theirs, to thoughtfully and quickly close on your deal, or to help to negotiate and paper an amendment to your deal so that you can stay in your zone for excellence in product offerings. Matricardi Law has significant experience in grocery and big-box lease transactions, with a business understanding of the needs of retailers for loading, HR issues, ADA accessibility, CUPs, permits, refinancing, and the temperament to enable your growth as a worthy and capable reflection of your own business prowess. We have previous experience with publicly-traded retailers whose real estate needs were varied, and extremely important to their client service and reputation. Let Matricardi Law show you what competency looks like in a responsive firm that understands your business needs.